How does it work?
Introduction to AssembleBay

Most furniture purchased nowadays, unfortunately, requires assembly at a later point. For those who lack the know-how and knowledge required to set up their newly purchased furniture it can be an incredibly stressful ordeal, often turning people off the process entirely.

AssembleBay is the perfect solution to this dilemma, eliminating the inevitable stress from the equation altogether. Our company is the go to for assembly services, linking inexperienced people with individuals who have expertise and passion for the assembly process.

So how does AssembleBay work?

The process is simple: An individual posts the desired job, whatever it may be, onto the website and a builder (located throughout Australia, including major cities such as Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and smaller towns that are typically overlooked) will respond to the initial posting, offering a quote for their services.

No matter the job, whether you’re assembling a new BBQ, outdoor furniture or building a crib for a baby on the way, AssembleBay is the place for you to post your project.

Benefits for posters

Rather than wasting your time, or putting off the project altogether, AssembleBay ensures the assembly process will be completed in a quick and efficient manner, helping you to focus on the more important things in life, such as your family life or job.

Benefits for builders

Signing up for AssembleBay is also an excellent idea for any builders with a passion for assembling products, offering a convenient, and easy to use, place to conduct business.

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Therefore, this innovative concept serves as the perfect meeting ground, helping experienced builders to connect and offer their services to those in need of assistance.

By creating this interactive community, which is free to join and use, AssembleBay aims to remove the issues formerly associated with the assembly process, eliminating the frustration once accompanied by the ordeal.

For more information feel free to contact us, for more details.