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AssembleBay is a pronounced community that connects hundreds of experienced furniture assembler’s to people requiring a handyman to complete any flat pack assembly project. Through our community you will be able to find a variety of local services within a matter of minutes.

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The Assembly of Flat-pack Furniture – Services in Melbourne

Flat-packs can be very tricky and time consuming to assemble! These days everyone is so time poor that they no longer have the time to assemble a flatpack. This is where AssembleBay can help! There are hundreds of handymen in Melbourne who do have the spare time and patience to assemble your flatpacks no matter how big or small the job.

Melbourne furniture assemblers on AssembleBay are essentially like “hire a handyman”! They provide their own tools and equipment; all you have to do is give them your flatpack. The prices are negotiable and it depends on how many itemsyou need your Melbourne handyman to assemble and the size of product. When creating your jobon AssembleBay it is important that you be as descriptive as possible as this will ensure the most accurate quote from the various tradies of Melbourne in our community.

Rest assured, through AssembleBay you will be able to get cheap flatpack assembly offers from many handyman services located in Melbourne!

Hiring a Handyman in Melbourne

The art of building, fixing and tinkering doesn’t come naturally to many people. Growing up, there was usually always a hands-on hero who could take care of anything too difficult for the average person.

Many of us did not grow up with or were exposed to the type of skills needed to build and repair common household items. In today’s fast paced and demanding world many of us simply don’t have the time to go and learn these skills, especially if it’s not crucial to our main profession.

Assemble Bay is here to bridge the gap between those with the knowhow and those without. We are a fast, simple and (most importantly) free to those who need a Melbourne handyman desperately. So, no matter what you need fixed, you will be able to find a qualified professional from Assemble Bay!

Introducing Assemble Bay – Helping You Find A Melbourne Handyman

Assemble Bay is the online marketplace where people who love to build things can browse and bid on jobs posted by everyday people. It’s all about giving people who need help access to builders who love the process of assembly and want more opportunities to partake in it.

Assemble Bay is certainly a two way street, no matter who you are; from a busy business person, to a professional carpenter, we are the service for you! For those who need stuff fixed; our competitive bidding process means you get the best price possible.

For those who are fixing the stuff; our service offers you many opportunities to earn some extra cash! With multiple jobs being listed every week, you are certainly able to find a job that is in your area of expertise.

The inspiration for the creation of Assemble Bay came from seeing the frustration people went through when trying to put together flat pack furniture. With many items coming in multiple parts as well as the incredibly confusing instructions, they were hardly easy for the everyday person to assemble on their own.

We understood this frustration and wanted to create a place where those people can connect with someone who actually enjoys this assembly process. While originating with flat pack furniture, our scope has extended to all types of items that need assembly or repair.

Whether it’s outdoor furniture, a trampoline or even just a model aircraft, there’s someone out there with the passion and knowhow to assemble it for you. Connecting people is what we do best.

Even if it is something as simple as screwing in a light bulb, Assemble Bay makes the process of finding a professional even easier then you ever thought possible.

With Assemble Bay, people are getting their jobs completed by people who genuinely want to be doing it. Each posting will be responded to by different builders with the relevant expertise and tools. This means that you don’t have to go out and spend extra money purchasing tools that you may actually only use once or twice.

This gives choice to the job poster in who they hire and choice to the builder in what jobs they take on. The openness of our platform means that there is full clarity between all parties, minimising the chance of any misunderstanding or confusion.

How It Works

Assemble Bay is basically a social network that connects people who need handy help with people who are looking for handy work. If you are looking to post an ad on our website, the process is extremely easy and it will only take a couple of minutes until your post is active.

Whatever job you may have you can post it onto the website for builders all around Australia to see. At that point they will be able to respond to the post and quote their services. You will also be able to see the reviews of previous work they have done and as well as what qualifications/ insurances they have.

This process encourages viewers of the post to bid against one another in order to get the job. You can then discuss further details and evaluate which offer works best for your time and budget. Then you’re able to pick out the offer you like and begin corresponding with that expert.

So why use Assemble Bay?

When you hire a handyman in Melbourne can be difficult as there are so many different people with varying specialities. It’s impossible to rely on one person for every job you might have as their skills and access to the right tools will vary. It’s also usually hard to find a new handyperson without having some kind of connection through a friend or relative.

That’s why Assemble Bay is such a useful service. We connect regular people with assemblers who have a genuine passion for constructing and repairing household items. These assemblers love the entire process of putting something together and are masters at doing it in as little time as possible.

With Assemble Bay, there are several reasons for both people and assemblers to be using our site. Mainly because the process as a whole is so simple and it is a win-win situation no matter if you are the handyperson or person posting the ad.

If you want something built, you probably have better things to do than try to learn everything yourself. The entire process of following instructions and keeping track of parts will eventually lead to arguments with loved ones.

You don’t want to waste time and energy searching for and corresponding with different people for the same job. That’s why Assemble Bay is so useful to you. It’s a centralised place where you can post your job once and get results from multiple builders who are genuinely interested in it.

For those people who love to build things, Assemble Bay is the easiest way to browse for and manage your jobs. Everything is clearly defined in an easy to use interface which keeps a record of your jobs and their relevant contacts. Assemble Bay lets you find the jobs you know you can do and lets you easily interact with your customer.

Whether you’re someone who needs an item assembled or a builder who wants to assemble it, Assemble Bay is your meeting place. All the handymen on our website must go through a strict criteria screening before they are allow to bid on ads. Therefore, as an ad poster, you know that all the individuals bidding on your ad are qualified and professional.

Why should you hire a handyman in Melbourne?

It’s clear that not everyone has the expertise, tools or time to do everything around their home. It can actually be quite hard for a lot of people to successfully put together and maintain many of the items in their modern household.

A lot of household jobs can prove hard to prepare for and even more difficult to complete. Many of our purchases come packaged in pieces and the instructions they come with can be infuriating to follow.This often leads to people becoming frustrated and making compromises or just giving up on the project altogether.

Instead of avoiding these jobs or giving up on them halfway, you should consider hiring help from someone who routinely does this type of work. They will usually have done the job before and know the best way to go about it.

And it isn’t just jobs in the household a handyman professional can assist with, handyman can tackle virtually anything. Another common area is a commercial space, for example, if you were moving offices and needed to purchase new furniture.

Moving office is already a disruptive and stressful time. You certainly don’t want to spend your precious time building the furniture you ordered. By using a skilled professional you are certainly using your time more wisely, and the office is more likely to be fully operational sooner.

Here are a few key reasons to use the services of a handyperson:

It will save you money

While you may think that doing it yourself and not hiring any help at all might be the best money saver, it can often end up costing far more. An experienced person will get the job done first time round while you might need several days to get all your supplies together.

There’s no point wasting money on tools and materials when you can hire someone who already has easy access to them. Especially if you have no idea what you are doing, you could end up purchasing the wrong tools and equipment for the job, which is even more money down the drain.

You’ll also save money on any potential repair to damages caused during the work. With a professional taking care of it you don’t need to risk creating a problem or making an existing one worse.

It will save you time

There’s no reason to spend all day doing something that would only take an expert 1 or 2 hours. You have better things to do than try and perform a task you know you aren’t good at, especially when it’s going to take extra time to read about and prepare for the job.

You may also underestimate the time the task is going to take. On the surface, you think it will only take a couple of hours, but when you actually start you realise just how wrong you are! No one likes looking a half completed job. But don’t worry; a Melbourne handyman can easily swoop in and finish off the task for you in no time.

It will be safer for you

When you’re trying to do a complex physical task that you’re not experienced with, the odds of injuring yourself are dramatically increased. Don’t risk your health trying to do something you know you’ll end up struggling with.

This also leads back into the first point of saving money. In the event that you do sustain an injury, this will probably result in doctor visits and other medical expenses. Not to mean the fact that you may lose your income from work while to take time off to recover.

You might learn something

Even though the point of hiring a handyperson is so that you don’t have to do it yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t gain some knowledge from it. Simply watching an expert doing what they do best will educate you on safe practises and give you more confidence in the future.

Eliminates the need of various contractors

A handyman is exactly that, handy! They are skilled in a variety of different areas, this therefore means that you do not have to hire a different professional for each task you need completed. Contacting various contractors can be quite time consuming, this is why a lot more people are turning to a local professional to assist.

What can they do for you?

The major jobs a handyman can assist with include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • weatherproof your roof and decks
  • unclog toilets and drains
  • install fixtures and mirrors
  • do painting of interior and exteriors
  • caulk gaps between doors and windows
  • maintain the gutters for rainy days
  • fix electrical wiring problems
  • many, many more

If the job doesn’t require any licensed tradesperson, then there’s likely someone out there who knows how to do it.

Need to assemble a BBQ before the weekend but don’t know how? There’s someone who can do it in an afternoon. Trying to put together a swing set for the kids? There’s someone who can put it together making sure it’s sturdy and safe. 

Even if your only problem is a cat stuck up a tree, there’s probably a handyperson with the right sized ladder.

Plenty of elderly or disabled people have a variety of small jobs they can’t do themselves. There’s likely a friendly person out there who can help them out.

As a jack-of-all-trades, the jobs they can do for you are really only limited by the skills you lack and the ones they have.