June 06, 2016
How to utilise AssembleBay to its maximum potential?
AssembleBay thrives on the idea of community, helping to connect individuals who would otherwise have no point of contact. But how can you make the most of this unique environment?

Create an accounts that suits your needs/desires

The type of AssembleBay account you create depends on whether you want to build/assemble items yourself, or pass these responsibilities onto other, more capable individuals. A POST account allows you to add jobs you want completed, in an efficient and professional manner. On the other hand, a BUILD account exists for those with an inherent passion for the construction phase, allowing those with the right skill set to tackle what would be an otherwise frustrating ordeal. At AssembleBay we value both components of this process equally, as without both parties AssembleBay couldn’t exist.

What AssembleBay can accomplish?

For those who cringe at the prospect of assembling newly purchased furniture, AssembleBay lifts this weight from your shoulders. Removing this task from your agenda allows you to focus on the more important things in life, whatever they may be. For enthused builders, AssembleBay offers an excellent destination to conduct any, and all, business. The basic, easy to use, system allows you to respond to jobs in your area, allowing you to dictate the projects you undertake. Ultimately, the more you invest in AssembleBay the more you’re likely to get out of this innovative concept.


Finally if you have a problem with the AssembleBay system you can feel free to email us, at any time, regarding your issues. At AssembleBay we value your feedback as it allows us to improve our company, and ultimately provide the best service we can. For more information feel free to contact us.