November 07, 2017
When you have a leaking kitchen sink or a blocked gutter, you’ll end up needing a tradesperson to come around and sort it out. Unfortunately, trying to find a tradie in Sydney can be difficult at the best of times. Unless you have a list of plumber, electrician or carpenter friends, you’ll likely spend a long time browsing through a bunch of different providers.

The internet has become the main way people find services these days and the market for tradespeople is becoming increasingly crowded. This means that the power is with the consumer in being able to pick and choose who they give a job to.

With that said, the best way to find the most determined and affordable handypeople is to post an ad online. Here are some easy steps in how to write an appropriate ad that will get the best responses.

Pick Your Platform

With the internet being so crowded with websites fighting for your attention it can be hard to find the right place to get your ad noticed. For anyone looking for maximum exposure to the right audience, our platform is perfect for getting the job seen by interested tradespeople.

Our website is designed around bridging the gap between everyday people and those with the know-how to get jobs done. It works by letting users post up ads for tradespeople to see and lets those who are interested bid against each other for the job.

This system is great for those looking to save money as it means the experts are trying to outdo each other to offer you the best price for the service. This does not have to compromise on the quality of work as you can use the site to easily check reviews of that person’s job history.

Posting Your Ad

There are some easy tips in how to write a successful ad to help you find a tradie in Sydney.

Make sure you are as descriptive as possible

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to explain the details of a job over the phone or in emails. It’s even worse if it’s being described to the tradesperson as they do the job.

That’s why it’s important to be as clear as possible on what exactly you want done. If you don’t know all the details about what you need, then do some research online to find some examples of work that has been done.

The more detail that’s included the more accurate and higher quality the quotes will be. Including pictures is also highly recommended.

Prepare for your responses

It’s a highly competitive market, so be ready to receive a high volume of calls and emails regarding your job. Use the website to organise and manage the responses you get so that you don’t miss anything.

Take down the ad as soon as you feel you have enough quotes so you are not overwhelmed with responses while you correspond with your existing offers.

Organise an inspection and check their reviews

Make sure that you plan an inspection of the job with the potential tasker so that you are both clear on what needs to be done and how long it will take. It’s also important to check reviews of that person’s previous jobs so that you can be warned of any complaints about them.

Final Thoughts

Trying to find a tradie in Sydney doesn’t need to be complicated if you are careful and use the right tools. Services like Assemble Bay give you the power in getting the best results at a competitive price.