August 18, 2016
At AssembleBay, we understand that it can be very difficult to assemble flatpack furniture, especially if you are not an expert. The process of assembling can take all day and the instructions can sometimes be confusing! However, flatpack furniture is usually much cheaper; so many people still choose this type of furniture. The process must be approached calmly and not be rushed.

Here are the top 4 tips for assembling flatpack furniture.

These tips will hopefully make the process as a whole less stressful and faster.

1. Give yourself enough space

It seems like something very basic but it is important to have enough space to lay all the components of the furniture out. Giving yourself a lot of space will also help you stay more organised and you will be less likely to lose any of the small screws or bolts from the furniture.

Try to build the furniture in an area that isn’t already cluttered with a lot of stuff. Also if you are able to, it is best to assemble the piece of furniture in the room you are hoping to put in it. That way you won’t have to move the furniture when it is completed and you won’t have to worry about getting it to fit through a doorway (if it is a large piece of furniture).

2. Make sure you have the right tools

Some simple pieces of assemble flat pack furniture do come with basic tools to assemble. However, more complicated projects will require the use of proper tools (including screwdriver, hammer, Allan keys, etc.), so if you don’t have a set of tools you will have to borrow one.

These tools ensure the piece of furniture is put together properly and will dramatically reduce the amount of assembly time.

3. You must have a lot of patience

Before beginning the project, you must understand that this may take a long time. Try not to get frustrated too easily and remember that it is only a piece of furniture! We understand that it can be difficult to get in the right frame of mind to ensure you don’t lose your patience.

This may sound simple, but ensuring that you are not hungry will help you not to lose your patience (building flatpack furniture is known to make hungry people angry), so it’s best to eat so you don’t get ‘hangry’! It is also important to remember to block out a whole section of time purely dedicated to assembling the furniture, that way you won’t have to rush and lose your patience.

If you feel as though you are becoming overwhelmed it is important to take a short break, that way you can come back and tackle the problem with a fresh attitude.

4. Read the instructions more than once

Instructions are notoriously known for being difficult to read, however, this is no longer the case (especially the instructions from IKEA). The instructions are just about the most important thing that will come out of the flatpack box, so make sure you never misplace it!

Some people might think they know how to build the furniture and they simply go ahead without the instructions, however this usually tends to bite them in the butt later on when they are left with two screws and they have no idea where they go! To avoid this situation always stick to the instructions and follow it step by step.  
If after reading all these tips, you still find the process of flatpack furniture very daunting, you can sign up for our service and you will be able to find a local handyman who can come to your house and assemble the furniture for you.