August 26, 2016
We choose Ikea furniture primarily because of the cost benefits. We do not choose Ikea furniture because of its easy of assembly! It is well known that most of the furniture from Ikea is very difficult to put together. However, there are certain pieces that have proven to be the hardest of them all.

Try to stay clear of these top 3 hardest Ikea flatpacks to assemble!

1. SVARTA Bunk Bed Frame

Bunk-beds are particularly awesome if you don’t have a lot of space to work with and kids usually love them. It is probably best to not tell your children about the new bunk-bed that you have just bought from Ikea because they will get excited and keep interrupting you to see how long it will take for the bed to be ready!

This will make the process even longer and more stressful, and you will start to wonder why you didn’t hire someone else to do this for you! On the plus side, this bunk-bed doesn’t contain a lot of different parts! On the down side, all the different parts look fairly similar.

 Therefore it is easy to get them confused and actually create more work than there was to begin with!

2. STUVA Loft Bed Combo

If you have even been unlucky even to try to put together a bunk-bed from Ikea then you will understand the struggle of those trying to assemble the STUVA Loft Bed Combo (only this is about ten times harder than any Ikea bunk-bed). Don’t let the fact that it is designed for children fool you into thinking this will be easy to assemble.

It is on the list of top 3 hardest flatpacks because this bed also incorporates a wardrobe, desk and shelving, making this one tall piece of furniture (your children’s room must have high ceilings to fit this bed). Once you start assembling this flatpack you will automatically question why you thought you could do this yourself and why you didn’t hire a professional!

3. BESTA TV Wall Unit

This wall unit can be very stylish, if you are able to successfully finish assembling it and not give up half way through like what most of us will do! It is on the top 3 hardest Ikea flatpacks to assemble mainly due to its size. The wall unit must be fixed to the wall and it doesn’t physically touch the floor (hence the stylish wall unit!). A wall fastener must be used and what makes the process even more difficult is that depending on your walls in your home, you will need a different wall fastener.

It is at this point when you realise that you needed a different wall fastener that you should probably call in a professional handyman! When the wall unit is finally assembled properly (by you or the handyman!) it can hold up to 50 kilos.    

If you have purchased any of these top 3 hardest Ikea flatpacks to assemble, or any other flatpack for that matter (they all seem like the hardest flatpacks to put together!), you are able to use our service to find a local handyman to assemble the furniture for you.