September 07, 2016
More and more consumers are embracing flat pack furniture for their home. Flat pack furniture has certainly increased in popularity, especially in the past decade (thanks to Ikea). This gain in popularity can be attributed to the significant advantages this type of furniture provides.
However, there are also a few disadvantages you must take into consideration before purchasing a flat-pack.

Pros of Flat Pack Furniture

1. Low Cost
The first obvious pro is the low cost of flat pack furniture and this is the main reason consumers turn to put together furniture. It is known to be considerably cheaper than ready-made furniture. Consumers no longer need big statement furniture pieces to act as an added investment in their home.
Furniture is now similar to the fashion industry, every season there is a new trend; and with the low cost of flat pack furniture you will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest furniture trends.

2. Versatile
Flat pack furniture is very versatile and you are able to fit the piece into a lot more difficult areas in your house.
This type of furniture is built to be compact and have specific features that assist in reducing space. So, in this day and age, where more and more people are living in apartments and smaller places, flat pack furniture is becoming the best option.

3. Transportation
Flat pack furniture comes in simple (usually rectangle) boxes; this means that the transportation process from store to house is both less expensive and less complicated. It is also easy to dismantle therefore if you are moving houses, the process is again simplified.
The furniture is also less likely to be damaged in the moving process because it can be laid flat.

Cons of Flat Pack Furniture

1. Assembly
The main disadvantage is the actual assembly process of the flat pack assembly furniture. Instructions can be difficult to read and follow, and most people simply don’t have the hours required to spend assembling the piece. It is also very common for people to find left over screws or other pieces and this means you have to disassemble and start again to ensure the furniture is safe to use.

2. Low Durability

With the low price comes the opportunity cost of low durability. Because the prices are so low you will have to expect that the piece will not last as long.
This is especially the case if the furniture has been assembled and dismantled numerous times.
However, with new flat pack furniture designs and styles coming out every season, low durability really isn’t that bad if you want to keep your furniture up-to-date!

The main disadvantage is the actual assembly process. However, with AssembleBay this disadvantage is completely neutralised! So there should be almost nothing stopping you from purchasing that piece of flat pack furniture you’ve had your eye on. Make sure you sign up today!