June 06, 2016
For some, the process of assembling an item, such as furniture, is a relatively simple task, for others it’s a certified nightmare, stressful and arduous in nature. AssembleBay has arisen as a community driven meeting place for individuals from both mindsets, allowing a mutually beneficial conclusion to be reached by both parties.

Whilst chain juggernauts, like IKEA, provide the material necessary for assembly, they are notably absent from the construction process, an often infuriating ordeal.
So whether you’re confused by schematics, lack the time or simply don’t enjoy the assembly process, AssembleBay is the perfect solution to your dilemmas. Read below to find out how.


If you’re struggling with a given project, simply create a POST account on AssembleBay and list the job. An interested party, such as a handyman, from the BUILD component of the site, will respond with a quote for their services completing the job. It’s as simple as that.

For those struggling with an assembly process, this is a quick and efficient way to get the job done, outsourcing the work to more qualified individuals.
From a builder’s perspective, the process allows an individual to put their skills to use in a meaningful, and financially incentive, way.

Posts are location based, so job posters can get responses from individuals within a given area (From major cities such as Perth, to smaller, often forget, communities throughout Australia. With AssembleBay at your disposal you can find the right person for a given job, and focus on the things that actually matter to you.

Final thoughts

It’s evident that AssembleBay is changing the nature of business transactions (in relation to assembling items of various nature). This community driven initiative helps connect individuals who can be of mutual benefit to each other, helping to remove the unnecessary stress from the ordeal entirely.

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