October 23, 2017
When things get broken or faulty it can become incredibly expensive to repair or replace the longer they stay that way. Some people just don’t have the time, tools or know-how to fix these things themselves.

Hiring a specialised tradesman can be costly and you’d probably have saved money if you kept someone regularly fixing small problems before they became big ones. A clever move is to a hire a local handyman to keep things in working order. This is a money saving strategy in the long run as they can usually diagnose problems before they occur or get worse.

The jack-off-all-trades are really just that, and can perform a variety of jobs around your home for a single fee. There are a variety of important areas that they can help you keep maintenance costs down.

Sealing Windows

The sealing around your windows will not last forever and eventually a number of cracks will develop. This results in a large amount of both cold and hot air escaping the home and driving up energy costs.

Instead of losing money on a suspiciously rising energy bill, hire an odd-job man to re-seal your windows. This is will be far cheaper than allowing your bills to soar, especially in winter when your heaters are on more often.

Clearing the Gutters

While your handyperson is fixing the roof, it may be a smart idea to ask them to report on the state of your gutters as well.  If your gutters are left to get clogged up by leaves and other debris water can seep into other parts of the home.

This can lead to major damage down the line and even present a danger of a fire starting. Your repairman can clean out the area quickly before it starts to majorly affect your home.

Fixing the Roof

If you have cracked or missing roof tiling, it might seem too hard and dangerous to climb up there yourself. Even if you manage to safely get on the roof, you would need to know what you’re doing in order to repair the damage properly. 

Ignoring broken roof tiles means the damage is usually quite extensive if you wait to see a leak occur. By then the home’s structure could be damaged and even mould might develop.  Hiring a local handyman to regularly check and repair your roof is an incredibly cost effective measure to keep your home healthy.

Small Scale Plumbing

Sometimes the biggest plumbing issues in our home start out small. A miniscule leak can develop into a larger one before you even notice. At that point you could be losing hundreds of litres of water each day.

A handyperson can repair and replace broken pipes and faucets at a much lower cost than a specialised plumber can. The job usually doesn’t take as much time as you would think and will save money on water bills in the long run.

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life and maintaining it is incredibly important. It’s common sense that you’ll save money by repairing small problems before they become big ones.

Hiring a local handyman to regularly check on and remedy the problems in your home is a smart move for anyone looking to save money.