November 02, 2017
The living room is often the space were you will spend most of your down time after a long stressful day out. A central component in any home, the living area should feel like a relaxing and inviting ambience.

You shouldn’t have to feel stressed about your guests and family coming over, thinking about how your living space has an old fashioned and retro appeal. Here at Assemble Bay we have experienced local handymen that can be sure to brighten up your living room and turn it into the dream you have always wanted.

Every living room is distinctive; the benefit of hiring a professional is that they can make use of any space and turn it into the fantasy that you always thought was out of reach. What is important is that you can design it however you like; the handyman will be there to execute it and make it a living dream.

Visualise Before You Start

When you don’t have much space to work with to start with, you need to properly plan what sort of look and feel you’re looking for. It would be in practical to purchase the lights, furniture and materials before you visualise how you want it to look in the end.

Blogs, friends and cafes are a great source of ideas and place to start in the design process. Be sure to communicate with the local handyman of how you want the place to look and where you want your furniture to be situated around the room, also it is a good idea to ask for personal opinions as it is not their first living room transformation.

Let’s take a look at some creative ideas to help brighten up your living room:

Simplify your styling

Having a cluttered and oversized living area will make it look messy and unorganised rather than attractive and sophisticated. Only keep the sentimental items such as cherished family photos and memorabilia’s.

Having a more simple and elegant feel will allow for your furniture and funky elements to really shine. Getting creative with the big wall cupboards for space and artwork around the walls add to the feel of a more modern appeal.

Most handymen will have the experience and expertise that will ensure your ideas are brought to life, as well as providing their own ideas and designs.

Decorate walls and furniture with a mixture of textures

Layering the room with a thoughtful mix of materials and textures coupled with an ambience of colour gives your spaces a more luxurious and modern feel. A major benefit of hiring a professional is that they will have a long list of supplier contacts which will guarantee you have the best and most committed team working on your living room.

It is important to choose a variety of different furniture, walls, lights and wood to create a more dynamic and inviting living area for your family and friends. It’s certainly not appealing to walk into a room with one colour, the same furniture and no real contemporary feel.

At Assemble Bay we work hard to connect you with the correct person for the job. We are committed to ensuring everyone receives the perfect end result that encompasses the luxurious and modern appeals.

The local handymen found on our website have the experience, knowledge and expertise to bring your creative design thoughts into practise and to ensure you are left with the dream living room.