October 17, 2017
When choosing to re-decorate or re-furnish our living spaces, it can be hard to narrow down the best items to do so. Finding the balance between style, function and affordability is crucial in our modern lives.

For Ikea furniture assemblers there’s a lot to look forward to building in 2018. Ikea’s new catalogue has several amazing items that are sure to spruce up any interior design. With colourful and stylish room concepts, the catalogue is filled with items we know people will love to own.

Ikea Furniture Item #1: The NYMBODA

The NYBODA coffee table is one the first items to pop out in the living room section of the catalogue. The table features a reversible top that allows buyers to switch from black to beige, giving some flexibility to the item. This allows for an easy switch if the rooms’ colour palette changes and requires a differently toned centrepiece.

The slender design of the table equates to a beautiful marriage of size and functionality. If more room is needed, the reversible tops can instead be added together to allow for more space. The shelf underneath is a perfect place to store common living room items so they don’t take up space on the top surface.

With a stylish and light design suited to a regularly changing living space, the NYBODA is of incredible value when updating the faithful coffee table.

Ikea Furniture Item #2: The LILLÅNGEN/ VISKAN / GUTVIKEN

Ikea furniture assemblers may be called on to put together snazzy new bathroom fixtures. The LILLÅNGEN/ VISKAN / GUTVIKEN, while having a bulky name, is an incredibly flexible washbasin and cabinet.

The washbasin itself can be setup on the left, right or middle of the unit giving complete freedom to the purchaser based on their preferences. With adjustable feet, the item can be changed to suit any inconsistencies in the bathroom floor.

The washbasin/cabinet has one door and two open shelf areas, making a convenient space for commonly used items so they don’t crowd the countertop. The LILLÅNGEN/ VISKAN / GUTVIKEN is a highly customisable bathroom item that is versatile and spacious enough to suit any modern bathroom.

But it’s not all about style when upgrading the home. Sustainably built and energy saving items are more popular than ever. And this leads us on to the final item!

Ikea Furniture Item #3: The ALESKÄR

The ALESKÄR kitchen tap is designed around the effective use of water so that its users can save money on bills without sacrificing usability. Featuring a mechanism designed to reduce water flow while maintaining pressure this tap is an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce their water usage.

The ALESKÄR also has a detachable hand spray that makes washing and rinsing items far easier, especially in a crowded sink. This makes the tap perfect for a busy family household that will do a lot of washing up.

ALESKÄR is designed to last as well, with a 10 year guarantee of functioning. This is because of the special inner design than can handle quick changes in water pressure and temperature.

Ikea furniture assemblers will be busy in 2018 with some of the smartest and most stylish products on the way. These items are cleverly designed to accommodate the many demands of the modern lifestyle.

Whether it is the sustainable use of resources or just the need to quickly alter furniture, Ikea’s new catalogue allows people to save money without sacrificing the beauty of their living spaces.

If you have found you went a little overboard at Ikea and now you have all this furniture to assemble but not the patience or time to do so, that’s okay! Assemble Bay can hook you up with furniture assemblers that specialise in Ikea items!