September 22, 2016

Alternative Uses for IKEA Furniture (Kids Edition)

Children are notoriously picky. They aren’t afraid to tell you what they do and don’t like. As such, it can be very difficult to find furniture they like for their bedroom and play area while also finding furniture that accurately reflects their personality. And let’s not even talk about the price!
This is why many parents shop at IKEA! There is a large and affordable range of furniture available and you are sure to find something that your child would love to have, and if not, you can turn normal IKEA pieces into something the kids will love.

Here are the top ideas for turning your IKEA furniture into something for the kids.

Turn a spice rack into a book shelve.

The Bekvam spice rack is only $3.99 and it provides an amazing way to display children’s books. The rack is wood and it can be painted different colours to better suit a kid’s play room or bedroom.

Turn a magnetic knife rack into storage and display area.

Any magnetic small toys can be stuck onto the knife rack to ensure that you are no longer stepping little cars or trains. The knife rack is only $14.99 and provides a fun game in itself for children (because they love magnets)!

Turn a side table into a chalk board.

For kids, a side table is very boring. But not if you paint the top of it with chalk paint! The Lack side table is only $7.99 and it will keep your children very entertained while they draw the day away.

Turn a chest of draws into a change table.

The Tarva chest of drawers, which starts from $129, can be turned into a beautiful change table for your children. There is plenty of space on the top for all the changing essentials and also plenty of storage below to hold extra nappies, creams, clothes, etc.

Turn a shelf into extra storage.

Storage is usually what most household’s lack, especially when there are children involved. Their belongings and toys take up so much room; therefore, any way to create a bit more storage is greatly appreciated. The Kallax shelving system is available in a range of formations and the price starts from $69. The shelves in this system can be used to store toys, clothes, etc. This shelf can be painted or re-configured to make it more appealing to children.  

If you are looking for IKEA installation services or if you need assistance with any of the flatpacks from IKEA (whether you are repurposing or not), AssembleBay will be able to help you!