September 30, 2016

Top 4 DIY furniture assembly tips

When it comes to saving money and purchasing furniture at a fraction of the price, nothing beats flat pack furniture. However when purchasing flat pack furniture there tends to be a hidden cost that is not measured in monetary value and is generally not accounted for, your sanity.

After spending weeks in a row assembling multiple pieces of flat pack furniture, here are some top DIY flat pack assembly furniture tips to make the assemble process that tiny bit easier and hopefully help protect your sanity throughout the process.

Use an electric screwdriver:
Skip the use of those small tools that are included with the flat pack furniture and that you are expected to use to assemble the furniture with. It is hardly easy using those small tools and exerting ridiculous amounts of force in order to prevent the furniture from collapsing.

It is highly recommended that you either purchase or borrow an electric screwdriver with replaceable bits -this one tip will save you many hours. With this being said, it is vital that you make sure not to over tighten.

Prepare and clean your workspace:
This tip is pretty obvious; however it is being included due to the fact that you will generally need to walk right around every side of the piece of furniture you are assembling, as this it the way they are usually assembled, so ensure that the area you are assembling furniture in has plenty of room.

Also be sure the furniture you are assembling can even fit within the space you are placing it – there would be nothing worse then completing that dreaded furniture assembly process only to find out the furniture does not fit in the spot you had assigned it.

Separate your pieces:
Before jumping right into the assembly process it is highly recommended that you count all of your pieces and separate them into an orderly fashion.  This will save you lots of time and frustration in the long run.

If a hammer is needed use a rubber mallet:
Most furniture assemble needs a hammer to link pieces of wood together, they generally need a good hammering in order to join together, and using a metal hammer is just a recipe for disaster. A metal hammer can damage your flat pack furniture, leaving damage to the premade holes – ensure you use a large rubber mallet.

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