June 06, 2016
Are you a builder looking to expand your horizons?
Looking to undertake new, and fulfilling, work within your immediate area? If so, then you should consider joining AssembleBay, an innovative concept that is rewriting the book when it comes to the assembly process.

What is AssembleBay?
AssembleBay caters to two specific audiences: Those who need items built, and those who have the expertise and skillsets required to complete such projects. Creating a BUILD account allows you to send a quote to a given individual, detailing your requested price for completing a specific project. Whether it’s the assembly of a BBQ or putting together some outdoor furniture, jobs of differing nature, and difficulty, are frequently posted on the site, allowing you to choose which projects you undertake.

Positives of using AssembleBay

AssembleBay removes the need to search multiple sites and listings for work. Instead the system serves as a one-stop destination for finding jobs that correspond to your specific skillset and abilities. Furthermore, the system is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to conduct your business without stress. Posts are area related so you can pick jobs that are within your immediate vicinity, and therefore, convenient for you The process is extremely fulfilling, allowing a builder, with talents and abilities that others lack, to help those struggling with the task of assembly.

Sign up today

Ultimately accepting a job offer, posted on AssembleBay, allows you to take your knowledge and apply it to a given project or product of your choosing. Whether you’re looking to earn more money, enjoy the autonomy granted by the process or simply love putting things together, it’s clear that signing up for AssembleBay is an excellent idea for anyone with a passion for the construction process. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us today.