October 09, 2017
A handy man can be very helpful around the office or house; they can be especially useful with the small jobs that aren’t important enough to do yourself, but still need to be completed. A great handy man can give you a piece of mind so that you find someone who respects the tasks required as it is their own.

Difficult jobs that require unique expertise and equipment to complete the task sometimes need a professional.  Let’s take a look at some of the jobs that your local handy man can provide you with and what you jobs you can hire them for.

Minor plumbing work

Many handy men are capable of completing small plumbing work such as replacing a leaky faucet or repairing faulty pipes. However when it comes to the major projects that involve relocating plumbing within the house, this requires a licensed plumber.

It is important that you call a professional regarding the required plumbing tasks that need to be fixed prior to them coming. Most of the time this shouldn’t be a problem, however, in the rare case they don’t have the skills for the job, this saves both time and money. 

Gutter cleaning maintenance

Maintaining a gutter can be a messy and risky job as it involves climbing ladders and working on the roof. A clogged gutter with sticks and leaves and other debris can lead to leaky roof and water damage in the interior of your house.

Hiring a professional with the right equipment and experience saves you the risk of climbing on the roof dangerously above the ground. Whilst the professional is cleaning the gutters, they can also place gutter guards to prevent seasonal clogging, saving money in the long run from rain damage.

Painting up touch-ups

This is important and requires unique knowledge in the field. When it comes to things like repainting the shed or reapplying interior walls, you will need a professional and affordable handy man to competently make your house look as it did 10 years ago.

There is a number of common problems associated painting such as peeling, blistering and wrinkling. If you need some exterior house painting, a handy man will rejuvenate your home and tailor your house with your favourite colours and textures.

Decks and porches

Over time, weather can take a toll on decks and porches and needs significant maintenance and repairs to keep it safe.  A handyman can replace broken boards, reply and finish varnish and even rebuild or enhance the safety and appearance of your porch or deck, so that when your guests come over, they will enjoy a safe and aesthetically pleasing deck or porch.

Curtain and blind installation

Window blinds and curtains are extremely susceptible to deterioration usually caused by the sun or some home owners who fail to maintain it correctly.  In most instances, repairing your blinds rather than purchasing new ones is much more affordable. A handy man can easily replace or install new blinds and curtains that require valuable time and expertise in the field.

If you are looking for a local handy man for any of the above services, or something else in particular, you should use our service! All you have to do is write and post your ad, then sit back and wait for local professionals to reply.