November 23, 2017
Many people are confused about what the differences are between handyman services and cleaning services. A handyman can also be called a handyperson and handy worker. They are a skilled person who can perform a wide range of repairs around the home or place of business.

These tasks can be performed inside or outside a property and range from trade services, to repair work, to maintenance work, to gardening. People often refer to these types of tasks as odd jobs or fixer-uppers.

Similarly, a cleaner is employed to clean a property, more typically the inside. They usually bring their own equipment and products to a job and are quite commonly hired to take care of an office. Similarly, both can offer their services as sole traders, or be hired as contractors for larger companies.

While both of these types of professionals are experts in their field and each has their own benefits, it is important to decipher which one is needed to be hired. Different skills are required for different tasks, and sometimes the line between handyman and cleaner are blurred.

We will discuss handyman vs. cleaner: which one should you hire:

Establish the task at hand

When deciding which type of professional should be hired, it is important to establish the task at hand. If the job requires electrical tools such as a sander, grinder, drill or jack hammer then it is probably a task that requires handyman services.

If the job requires water, cleaning products and scrubbing then this is more likely to be a job for a cleaner. However, there are sometimes jobs that pop up where it isn’t easy to decipher who needs to be hired.

For example, outdoor windows, driveways or courtyards may need to be washed. For these types of tasks, it can sometimes be better to seek our handyman services as a high-pressure hose can be used to take care of larger, outdoor areas.

Structural changes to the home

A simple way to figure out who needs to be hired is by establishing if any structural changes need to be made to the property. Structural changes can be large ones such as building a patio or ripping up concrete, or can be small jobs like hanging a picture on a concrete wall. If tiles need to be removed, walls to be knocked down or shelves need to be installed, this is probably a task for a handyperson.

Is the task heavy or high

If the job is heavy or high, it probably isn’t the right task for a cleaner. For example, if gutters need to be cleared out and a ladder is required, this may be out of scope for general cleaning services.

Similarly, if heavy indoor or outdoor furniture needs to be moved, this is more likely to be a handyman’s task. Cleaning services are more likely to include basic, light tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, moping, scrubbing toilets and showers and perhaps some ironing.

At the end of the day, there are many benefits to hiring either one of these professionals. Establishing what kind of task needs to be completed is the easiest way to make sure the correct expert is hired. If power tools are used, structural changes are needed, or heavy or high tasks are required, it is likely that a handyman is the best person for the job.