October 08, 2016

Three flatpack furniture companies that are just as cool as IKEA

When you think of flat packs two thoughts usually come to mind:
1) I don’t know if I can put together any flat pack furniture and
2) flat pack furniture giant IKEA.

IKEA is certainly the biggest flat pack furniture company! However, there are now lots of other really cool, quality companies that you should also consider! These companies have certainly made flat packs cooler.  

3 Flat Pack Furniture Companies Worth Considering

1. Greycork

They have recently seen the launch of a new website which accurately reflects just how cool and funky the furniture they sell is. They have also launched a completely new living room collection which provides customers with a much greater range of choice.

Greycork provides fresh, stylish and very good quality flat pack furniture. It is also relatively affordable like IKEA and it might require similar to IKEA assembling service. Not only this but it is made to last. Durability seems to be something that is lacking when it comes to flat pack furniture, however, Greycork’s furniture will last between five to ten years.

2. Tylko

If you are looking for online customised furniture then look no further than Tylko! It was only launched last year however the company is gaining some real traction.

The company has its own app which is really cool. It lets customers chop and change the designs of any basic selection of their products. Also in the app, customers are able to take photos and more accurately judge if a particular piece of furniture would suit the desired area. Apart from this, the selection of products is quite limited, however customers will enjoy being a part of the creation.

3. Floyd

This furniture company was only launched a few years ago, however, like Tylko; it is gaining some real traction. They are known for their Floyd Leg which is a simple metal leg that has the ability to turn a piece of wood into a functional table. Since the leg, the company has certainly developed some amazing pieces of furniture.

The pieces from Floyd are so exciting because of the ability to multi-purpose them.  

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