November 08, 2016

The Rise of the Flat Pack Home

The world has certainly become obsessed with flat packs. However, this has now been taken to the next level with the introduction of flat pack houses. What exactly is a flat pack home, you may ask. Well, it is probably exactly what you think! It is a house that mostly comes in the form of a flat pack and must be constructed, like any other normal flat pack you may purchase. However, there is some difference as the kitchen and bathroom are usually prepared off-site and then placed into the house, once it is completed.

At the moment there are a few prototypes of flat pack homes around Australia, but experts say that we are all likely to see more flat pack houses in the very near future. The beauty of a flat pack home is that you don’t need to be a carpentry whiz to build it yourself! All you will need are the same tools if you were assembling a basic flat pack. Although, if assembling isn’t your thing, you can always get someone else to do the job for you! It takes only about four weeks to assemble and have a fully functioning house!

You will find most of these homes come off the back of a trailer, so they are a registered vehicle. Most of the flat pack homes are very sustainable and eco-friendly, with “off the grid living”. This means that it has solar cells and water systems in place so you can roll your house anywhere and start living immediately! Flat pack homes are thought to become very popular because they are a step up in terms of luxury compared to living in a trailer van, because it actually resembles a home. Also, living in a flat pack home is obviously cheaper than living in a normal home.

Flat pack houses will also combat the housing affordability crisis in Australia, especially in major cities where first home buyers are finding it extremely difficult to enter the housing market. For first home buyers (or anyone else looking for a sustainable change) this could be the alternative they needed and where looking for. These homes are also cheaper to build and maintain, again putting less pressure on the wallets of first home buyers. There are about 200,000 less houses than demanded in Australia at the moment, will building construction falling behind in this demand. Flat pack homes can offer two main advantages to fix the housing issues in Australia, the time it takes to build as well as the cost!