September 08, 2017
At AssembleBay we think that flat pack furniture is fantastic – it’s mobile, durable, and cheap – but some people don’t want to buy it because they think that it doesn’t look so crash hot. If you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck, because here are some great ways to dress up your flat pack furniture!


Many people make their dining table the centrepiece of their living/dining room, so it’s no surprise that a nice looking table will set you back quite a bit! However, given that you need to use a tablecloth to protect a fine table anyway, why not just invest in a few nice tablecloths and use them all the time on a flat pack table?

If the table is always covered by a nice cloth, no one will be able to tell whether it’s from IKEA or an antique shop anyway – and you’ll always look ready to host a nice dinner. Add a decorative vase with some colourful flowers in the middle of the table to make it look extra nice.

Coffee and bedside tables typically aren’t covered by a cloth, which can make it harder to disguise that they are flat pack. However, you can still decorate them and make them look fantastic! Some books on the coffee table can both provide an interesting conversation topic and add some individuality to your table, as can a photo album.

Bedside tables are harder, because you would typically only have the book that you are reading, a lamp and a glass of water on them. If you wear glasses, they live their too. In this case flowers are your friend, and if you can you should try to get a decorated lamp with a nice lampshade.


A flat pack bedframe can look nice on its own, if it has a simple design, but some people feel the need to try and hide it anyway. In this case, a decorated bed skirt will hide the legs of your bed, as well as anything that you are storing under it.

If you don’t like your headboard or if the frame protrudes upwards at the base of the bed, you can also try wrapping fairy lights around it. This will help your room to look incredibly romantic when you turn the main light off, and will more than make up for a less than perfect bedframe.


Wardrobes, cupboards and shelves are harder again to decorate, but it is possible. If you buy flat pack shelving, just make sure that it all matches and try to leave at least a couple of the shelves free for ornamentation, like a small cactus, a herb or a lava lamp.

If you are decorating a cupboard or wardrobe, you can try putting hangings on the doors to help it to look a bit nicer, or if you’re prepared to make the effort you can repaint it.

So if you like the convenience and price of flat pack furniture but aren’t sold on the appearance of it, you do have options! With the right decorations any item of furniture can look fantastic, so you can almost always make flat pack furniture work in your home. If you have trouble putting the furniture together, you can always post the job on AssembleBay to get help as well!