November 16, 2016

Reasons why you should use a flat-pack assembly service

There are countless reasons why you should invest in an assembly service for your flat-pack furniture (if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t be in business!). Flat-pack assembly is simply a lot harder than it looks and can take a lot more time than you originally thought. Some people don’t even need a proper reason, they just hate flat-pack assembly.

Well, these days, just because you hate flat-pack assembly no longer means you can’t buy it! More and more individuals are purchasing flat-packs because they know they can turn to Assembly Bay to help find them a suitable individual who can assemble their flat-pack furniture for them.

4 reasons why you should use a flat-pack assembly service instead of trying (and probably failing) to do it yourself:

1. Doing it yourself is likely to take longer


This is probably one of the most obvious reasons. A professional usually has a passion for assembling and also because it is likely to be their job, they would assemble furniture all the time (and practice makes perfect!).
Professionals are likely to be more familiar with any type of instructions and if the individual is very experienced they may have even put together the same piece before.
Not only this, but you may not even have the time to assemble the furniture to start with. So a professional will end up saving you a lot of time.

2. You may assemble it incorrectly

Flat-pack furniture is now becoming more reliable and durable, therefore it is lasting longer. So, if you manage to assemble it incorrectly, you will have to live with it for a longer amount of time (or, you could just call in a professional flat-pack assembly service!).
If you have never assembled a flat-pack before it can be hard to trust yourself to do the correct job, however, if you hire a professional service you will know for sure they have built the piece correctly.

3. It is stress free


Your life is probably already very stressful, so why would you want to make it even harder for yourself? Hiring a professional flat-pack assembly business will take all the stress out because you know it will be put together properly and you won’t have to waste your time.
You can easily escape all the stress by simply hiring someone else to do it for you!

4. Professionals will have the correct tools

This is a reason that not many people think of until it’s too late. Most flat-packs require the use of handyman tools (however, they almost never come with the box!). This therefore means that if you don’t have those tools lying around your house, you will have to purchase them.
However, a professional flat-pack assembler will always come with the tools to get your piece assembled properly.  

If you have recently purchased a piece of flat-pack furniture and need it assembled, we are always here to help! On AssembleBay you will be able to find the perfect local professional flat-pack assembler for your job.