November 13, 2017
With summer fast approaching everyone with an outdoor deck wants to get the most out of their investment. This means entertaining friends and family for hours on end with a functional, inviting space.  

But in the colder months where the deck won’t get as much use, wear and tear can begin to affect its useability. You probably don’t want to invite guests over for them to be greeted by a messy deck that gets in the way of the fun.  

To avoid any potential embarrassments and maintenance headaches, here are some great tips on how to prepare your deck for entertaining. You should consider using handyman services in Brisbane to help you get your deck looking superb.


If your deck has just been installed, then you probably don’t need to worry as much about this step since the contractor would have left you with a clean and sturdy deck. All you would need to do is perhaps do a quick wash and set up some furniture.  

If however, you’ve not used the deck in a while it’s definitely smart to do a thorough inspection. You should not only be looking for areas to clean, but identify any hazards such as loose nails, mould or splintered wood.  

Just because the deck looks good on the surface doesn’t mean there aren’t problems underneath. You should always check under the floorboards and the decks’ framework to discover any cracks or rotting wood.

Repair and Clean

Once you’ve discovered the wear and tear on your deck, it’s time to patch it up so that it’s ready for entertaining. Not only is this important to keep the deck looking impressive, but avoid the disaster of having a guest injure themselves on it.  

Replace any cracked or splintered boards as well as loose nails. Mould and mildew can be removed using a bleach cleaner but be careful that it does not change the colour of the wood.  

Sweeping and hosing down the deck is an easy way to instantly improve its appearance. Make sure that you remove all furniture and plants so that you can reach every area easily.  

If your deck is going to be exposed to extreme weather elements then you should consider using a sealant on it. This will help retain the original look of your deck and slow down the aging process.  

Depending on how much repair and maintenance work needs to be done, you can hire handyman services in Brisbane to give you professional assistance.

Spruce It Up

Now that your deck is sturdy, safe and clean you’ll want to have some fun with accessorising. This not only makes the space look nicer but adds functionality that will help with the social gatherings you plan to have.  

Make sure you have adequate seating for the amount of guests you plan to have and arrange it in a way that’s conducive to conversations. Updating old fixtures like pillows and plants are a great way to keep the deck looking fresh, especially for guests who may have seen it before.  

Using citronella candles is a great way to add some atmosphere while working to keep the pesky bugs away from your guests. If you’re planning on entertaining late into the night, then it’s important to make sure you have enough lighting fixtures so your guests aren’t left in the dark.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to use your deck for entertaining this summer, make sure you consider the tips in this article. Not only will you have a deck that looks good, but an outdoor space that fulfils its purpose in bringing people together for food and fun.  

Remember that you can rely on handyman services in Brisbane to help you get your deck up to scratch for all your entertaining needs.