October 19, 2017
Our bedrooms should always be a place of comfort and relaxation. Whether coming back home from a long day at work or just enjoying a movie with a loved one, we want our bedrooms to be as welcoming as possible. As the first and last room we see in the day, the feel of the space can leave a bigger impact on our moods than we expect.

There are several easy transformations that a handyman in Melbourne can take care of. These simple jobs can make a huge difference in the overall presentation and feel of the bedroom.


 Building a custom headboard can make a big impact in an otherwise boring bedroom. This piece is usually the first thing eyes will go to, since the bed is almost always centred or taking up the most space in the room.

The headboard can accomplish a different feel depending on what materials are used. For example, a headboard made out of lumber logs will give a rustic feel to the room. For someone feeling artsy, there are plenty of unique headboard designs that can include anyone’s favourite artwork.

The headboard is a main feature of the bedroom that can be built in hundreds of different ways, with even the cheapest materials able to be used cleverly.


Changing a bedroom’s lighting fixture might be all that’s necessary to revitalise the space. A custom built pendant light can be made out of a surprising number of materials.

Any type of container can be repurposed into an impressive and unique lighting frame. This ranges from old glass jars to globes and colanders. This is an inexpensive way to change up otherwise bland ceiling lights and can be easily done by a handyman in Melbourne.


The bedroom’s doorknobs are a surprising place where a lot of change can be accomplished. As the first thing we see when entering or leaving the room, doorknobs can make a remarkable statement if done right. 

Just a quick search on the web can yield a wide variety of impressive doorknob designs that can be quickly installed by a handyman.

Shelving & Storage

Shelving and storage can also be completely reworked to be both more visually appealing and provide better utility.

Open spaces on walls are excellent real-estate for floating shelves which save a lot of space on the side-table or wardrobe. These, like the headboards, can be made out of a huge variety of materials and serve to add a special verticality to the room.

These shelves give plenty of freedom to place decorative items without them getting in the way of the rooms’ functionality.

General Theme

Choosing a general theme is the best way to achieve uniformity in the bedroom’s design. One of the cheapest and most popular methods is to go for a rustic feel by using scrap wood or second hand furniture pieces.

These items can be carved to fit different spaces or painted to hide their original appearance. They’re also relatively cheap to acquire allowing people to get extremely unique bedroom décor without blowing the budget.

With all of the tips featured above, a handyman in Melbourne can put together some amazing bedroom furnishings that are affordable and highly customisable. The sky really is the limit when designing the personalised space of our bedrooms.