October 26, 2016

The advantages and disadvantages of IKEA

Before we start, please allow me to go ahead and clear the air; I love IKEA. However I feel I am talking on behalf of everyone who has shopped at Ikea when I say that one’s love for Ikea is very much a love hate relationship. Even though Ikea has constantly been there during those apartment furnishing dilemmas, that seem to happen when there is very little money in the savings accounts, or Ikea saves the day and stocks that piece of furniture you cannot seem to find anywhere, there are some unfortunate down sides to the furniture powerhouse.


Cheap: I know that the word cheap and furniture are two words that should not be associated with each other; however Ikea is a great place to get good quality furniture at a fraction of the cost when you’re working within a budget. It is amazing how far $100 can you get once you are inside the large store.

Stylish: The modern-meets-minimalist style that Ikea continues to put out is the perfect way to bring style to your apartment. The best part is that it’s easy to give your furniture an upgrade, such as applying a coat of paint, and you will no longer have the same piece of furniture as millions of others around the world. Storage-friendly: Ikea has a top notch team of designers and engineers that are the best in the business when it comes to designing and dreaming up pieces of furniture that are designed to serve their purpose while creating extra storage space.  


Assembling the furniture: There’s a little fun fact about Ikea that I am sure you are well aware of if you have shopped in store before: practically everything you purchase at an Ikea store does not come pieced together and ready for use. You have probably heard jokes about relationships breaking up and people losing their cool while trying to assemble Ikea furniture… well unfortunately they are not jokes. Trying to get through the never ending steps in the picture only instructions will most probably leave you fuming.

Ikea sells millions of identical pieces of furniture; you are more than likely to end up with a similar desk of drawers or a similar cupboard as your friends. Therefore as mentioned earlier, take the initiative and apply a coat of paint and you instantly have your own unique Ikea furniture.