November 23, 2017
Many people are confused about what the differences are between handyman services and cleaning services. A handyman can also be called a handyperson and handy worker. They are a skilled person who can perform a wide range of repairs around the home or place of business. These tasks can be performed inside or outside a property and range from trade services, to repair work, to maintenance work, to gardening. People often refer to these types of tasks as odd jobs or fixer-uppers. Similarly, a cleaner is employed to clean a property, more typically the inside. They usually bring their own equipment and products to a job and are quite commonly hired to take care of an office. Similarly, both can offer their services as sole traders, or be hired as contractors for larger companies. While both of these types of professionals are experts in their field and each has their own benefits, it is important to decipher which one is needed to be hired. Different skills are required for differen... See more

November 20, 2017
Everyone wants to get the best price possible when putting up their home for sale. Seeking handyman services in Sydney can be a fantastic way to get a property ready, and looking great for sale or auction time. It is imperative to make a positive first impression with potential buyers, and it is important to not turn them away due to things that could easily be avoided. For example, a simple trim back of an unruly garden can make a huge impact on those seeking a low maintenance home. Furthermore, simple renovations can give a property the face-lift it so badly needs. Fixing cracks, retouching paint and repairing odd ends may seem like small tasks, but can visually make a huge difference and encourage a potential buyer to offer more for the property. Instead of attempting to personally tackle all of the loose ends that need to be tied up before a sale, it can be easier and safer to seek out handyman services in Sydney. This way the property can be looking its best without having t... See more

November 17, 2017
If you’ve ever been seduced by the charms of Ikea’s affordable and modular furniture then you’ve probably found yourself incredibly frustrated when trying to put it together. Between the wordless instructions and multiple interlocking pieces, it’s no wonder the Swedish company’s products are considered notoriously difficult to construct.   However this process doesn’t need to be an ordeal for you if you do the right preparation. There are a number of simple tips and tricks that will have you building flat pack furniture like a pro.   The best way to get the job done is to use an Ikea assembling service in Sydney so that all the hard work is left to an expert who loves the challenge. Make Adequate Space Before you start any new piece of furniture you’ll want to clear a nice wide space so that you have room to work. Don’t just rely on the space where the item is going to go, as it will take up much more space while unpacked before it’s finished.... See more

November 13, 2017
With summer fast approaching everyone with an outdoor deck wants to get the most out of their investment. This means entertaining friends and family for hours on end with a functional, inviting space.   But in the colder months where the deck won’t get as much use, wear and tear can begin to affect its useability. You probably don’t want to invite guests over for them to be greeted by a messy deck that gets in the way of the fun.   To avoid any potential embarrassments and maintenance headaches, here are some great tips on how to prepare your deck for entertaining. You should consider using handyman services in Brisbane to help you get your deck looking superb. Inspect If your deck has just been installed, then you probably don’t need to worry as much about this step since the contractor would have left you with a clean and sturdy deck. All you would need to do is perhaps do a quick wash and set up some furniture.   If however, you’v... See more

November 10, 2017
With summer just around the corner, we are already feeling the heat to get our backyards ready for the season. Summer is meant to be spent outdoors so it’s clever to maximise the potential of our backyards so that everyone will want to spend time there. Whether making space for a wedding, kid’s party or just lounging around, people want a backyard space that’s inviting and functional. Just because the backyard is looking overgrown and unappealing doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. There are plenty of easy ways to dramatically improve the backyard and make it the envy of the neighbourhood. For anyone who needs some help with their backyard makeover, hiring a handy man is a great way to save some time and money. Show the Lawn some Love As the canvas for all backyard activities, getting the lawn in tip top shape is the most important part of preparing for summer. Since the grass is going to be trod all over by kids and adults alike, it should always be as tr... See more

November 07, 2017
When you have a leaking kitchen sink or a blocked gutter, you’ll end up needing a tradesperson to come around and sort it out. Unfortunately, trying to find a tradie in Sydney can be difficult at the best of times. Unless you have a list of plumber, electrician or carpenter friends, you’ll likely spend a long time browsing through a bunch of different providers. The internet has become the main way people find services these days and the market for tradespeople is becoming increasingly crowded. This means that the power is with the consumer in being able to pick and choose who they give a job to. With that said, the best way to find the most determined and affordable handypeople is to post an ad online. Here are some easy steps in how to write an appropriate ad that will get the best responses. Pick Your Platform With the internet being so crowded with websites fighting for your attention it can be hard to find the right place to get your ad noticed. For anyon... See more

November 05, 2017
Everyone loves a bathroom that has a WOW effect; often it can be the make or break in a home inspection. A good bathroom renovation transforms a damp, out dated box into a beautiful and functional work of art. We all love saving money as much as we can, even if it involves getting as hands on as possible in a bathroom renovation. At the end of the day, you will need professional assistance with the intricate plumbing and pipe work knowledge. It will save a lot of stress and time by hiring a handyman in Melbourne, especially for the pipe and plumbing work. Here are some general rules of a bathroom renovation: DO Hire a Professional Project managing the work by yourself will be a nightmare, especially if you have little or no experience. It will be stressful, time consuming and expensive. Back tracking and rebuilding jobs that have been installed incorrectly is something you want to avoid. All it takes is one quick phone call or email for a quote and consultation... See more

November 02, 2017
The living room is often the space were you will spend most of your down time after a long stressful day out. A central component in any home, the living area should feel like a relaxing and inviting ambience. You shouldn’t have to feel stressed about your guests and family coming over, thinking about how your living space has an old fashioned and retro appeal. Here at Assemble Bay we have experienced local handymen that can be sure to brighten up your living room and turn it into the dream you have always wanted. Every living room is distinctive; the benefit of hiring a professional is that they can make use of any space and turn it into the fantasy that you always thought was out of reach. What is important is that you can design it however you like; the handyman will be there to execute it and make it a living dream.Visualise Before You StartWhen you don’t have much space to work with to start with, you need to properly plan what sort of look and feel you’re looking... See more

October 26, 2017
We all enjoy the feeling of completing a project ourselves. It allows us to learn new skills and potentially save money. DIY (Do It Yourself) projects aren’t necessarily as easy as they might sound. There are several rules you should follow before you start whipping out the tools. Although a DIY job implies you’ll be doing most of the work, it might be a smarter idea to hire a handyman to do some of the tougher work for you. Whether you decide to get help or not, here are some general do’s and don’ts for anyone starting a new DIY project. DO Prepare Research and preparation are the two most important things to cover before you start swinging hammers or flinging paint around. Knowing the proper materials required and having a list of well researched instructions are critical to the success of your project. Surveying your tools and making sure they are all in working order is essential for both efficiency as well as your safety. If you’re doing it yourself y... See more

October 23, 2017
When things get broken or faulty it can become incredibly expensive to repair or replace the longer they stay that way. Some people just don’t have the time, tools or know-how to fix these things themselves. Hiring a specialised tradesman can be costly and you’d probably have saved money if you kept someone regularly fixing small problems before they became big ones. A clever move is to a hire a local handyman to keep things in working order. This is a money saving strategy in the long run as they can usually diagnose problems before they occur or get worse. The jack-off-all-trades are really just that, and can perform a variety of jobs around your home for a single fee. There are a variety of important areas that they can help you keep maintenance costs down. Sealing Windows The sealing around your windows will not last forever and eventually a number of cracks will develop. This results in a large amount of both cold and hot air escaping the home and drivin... See more