November 16, 2016
Reasons why you should use a flat-pack assembly service There are countless reasons why you should invest in an assembly service for your flat-pack furniture (if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t be in business!). Flat-pack assembly is simply a lot harder than it looks and can take a lot more time than you originally thought. Some people don’t even need a proper reason, they just hate flat-pack assembly. Well, these days, just because you hate flat-pack assembly no longer means you can’t buy it! More and more individuals are purchasing flat-packs because they know they can turn to Assembly Bay to help find them a suitable individual who can assemble their flat-pack furniture for them. 4 reasons why you should use a flat-pack assembly service instead of trying (and probably failing) to do it yourself: 1. Doing it yourself is likely to take longer  This is probably one of the most obvious reasons. A professional usually has a passion for assembling and also because... See more

November 11, 2016
The 4 Best Reasons for Shopping at IKEA. IKEA is certainly very popular and has taken the world by storm. You can now buy IKEA furniture virtually anyway. But how did it become so popular? Well, this is because IKEA provides so many different experiences and reasons to shop there. People now don’t just go to IKEA for a flatpack bookshelf anymore. They go for the experience and atmosphere that IKEA has (and also the meatballs!). If you have never shopped at IKEA before, you probably know of someone who has, it’s just that popular! There are also so many reasons as to why people shop at IKEA and this list will cover off the top 4 reasons (in case you already didn’t know). 1. Affordable Prices This is clearly the most popular reason as to why you should shop at IKEA. The prices of IKEA’s flatpacks completely revolutionised the furniture industry. The prices allow consumers to purchase more for less as well as re-vamping any area of their home more often. By placin... See more

November 08, 2016
The Rise of the Flat Pack Home The world has certainly become obsessed with flat packs. However, this has now been taken to the next level with the introduction of flat pack houses. What exactly is a flat pack home, you may ask. Well, it is probably exactly what you think! It is a house that mostly comes in the form of a flat pack and must be constructed, like any other normal flat pack you may purchase. However, there is some difference as the kitchen and bathroom are usually prepared off-site and then placed into the house, once it is completed. At the moment there are a few prototypes of flat pack homes around Australia, but experts say that we are all likely to see more flat pack houses in the very near future. The beauty of a flat pack home is that you don’t need to be a carpentry whiz to build it yourself! All you will need are the same tools if you were assembling a basic flat pack. Although, if assembling isn’t your thing, you can always get someone else to... See more

October 26, 2016
The advantages and disadvantages of IKEA Before we start, please allow me to go ahead and clear the air; I love IKEA. However I feel I am talking on behalf of everyone who has shopped at Ikea when I say that one’s love for Ikea is very much a love hate relationship. Even though Ikea has constantly been there during those apartment furnishing dilemmas, that seem to happen when there is very little money in the savings accounts, or Ikea saves the day and stocks that piece of furniture you cannot seem to find anywhere, there are some unfortunate down sides to the furniture powerhouse. Advantages Cheap: I know that the word cheap and furniture are two words that should not be associated with each other; however Ikea is a great place to get good quality furniture at a fraction of the cost when you’re working within a budget. It is amazing how far $100 can you get once you are inside the large store. Stylish: The modern-meets-minimalist style that Ikea continues to pu... See more

October 18, 2016
Best Ways to Save Money at IKEA IKEA is already known for their cheap flatpack furniture. So you know if you are shopping at IKEA you are already going to make lots of savings on not only furniture, but other cool and funky items that they now sell. However, if you don’t come to IKEA with a prepared list (and probably a map!), then it is likely you will find things you didn’t even know you needed and end up putting a massive hole in your pocket! Listed below are the top 6 ways to help you save the most possible money at IKEA: 1. Signup to IKEA’s Moving Program This program is similar to any other type of loyalty scheme. If you shop at IKEA a lot then you should definitely sign up! In this program you receive a $25 discount when you spend $250 or more. Those regular IKEA shoppers know that spending $250 at IKEA is very easy! So why not get an extra $25 off? 2. Have a List Prepared In the same way you never go grocery shopping without a list, it is importan... See more

October 08, 2016
Three flatpack furniture companies that are just as cool as IKEA When you think of flat packs two thoughts usually come to mind: 1) I don’t know if I can put together any flat pack furniture and 2) flat pack furniture giant IKEA. IKEA is certainly the biggest flat pack furniture company! However, there are now lots of other really cool, quality companies that you should also consider! These companies have certainly made flat packs cooler.   3 Flat Pack Furniture Companies Worth Considering 1. Greycork They have recently seen the launch of a new website which accurately reflects just how cool and funky the furniture they sell is. They have also launched a completely new living room collection which provides customers with a much greater range of choice. Greycork provides fresh, stylish and very good quality flat pack furniture. It is also relatively affordable like IKEA and it might require similar to IKEA assembling service. Not only this but it is made to last. Durabili... See more

September 30, 2016
Top 4 DIY furniture assembly tips When it comes to saving money and purchasing furniture at a fraction of the price, nothing beats flat pack furniture. However when purchasing flat pack furniture there tends to be a hidden cost that is not measured in monetary value and is generally not accounted for, your sanity. After spending weeks in a row assembling multiple pieces of flat pack furniture, here are some top DIY flat pack assembly furniture tips to make the assemble process that tiny bit easier and hopefully help protect your sanity throughout the process. Use an electric screwdriver: Skip the use of those small tools that are included with the flat pack furniture and that you are expected to use to assemble the furniture with. It is hardly easy using those small tools and exerting ridiculous amounts of force in order to prevent the furniture from collapsing. It is highly recommended that you either purchase or borrow an electric screwdriver with replaceable bits -... See more

September 22, 2016
Alternative Uses for IKEA Furniture (Kids Edition) Children are notoriously picky. They aren’t afraid to tell you what they do and don’t like. As such, it can be very difficult to find furniture they like for their bedroom and play area while also finding furniture that accurately reflects their personality. And let’s not even talk about the price! This is why many parents shop at IKEA! There is a large and affordable range of furniture available and you are sure to find something that your child would love to have, and if not, you can turn normal IKEA pieces into something the kids will love. Here are the top ideas for turning your IKEA furniture into something for the kids. Turn a spice rack into a book shelve. The Bekvam spice rack is only $3.99 and it provides an amazing way to display children’s books. The rack is wood and it can be painted different colours to better suit a kid’s play room or bedroom. Turn a magnetic knife rack into storage and disp... See more

September 14, 2016
IKEA Furniture – To Move or not to move? We purchase IKEA furniture because of its price and then we struggle for hours to put it together (that is if you didn’t use Assemble Bay!). Once the furniture is put together you are then able to sit back and enjoy it! But what happens if you decide to move homes? After it took so long to put together you know it may be just as difficult to pull apart and you risk losing parts. So what should you do? There are three options for your IKEA furniture and it is important to pick the option that best suits your current situation. 1. Leave the furniture as is This option will certainly assist you in saving time and a lot of energy. However, you won’t be saving money through this option. This is because the furniture is still together and is taking up a lot of room. You will also have to ensure that if you are using removalists, that they are fully aware of all the big items of furniture that they will have to move. 2. Take t... See more

September 07, 2016
More and more consumers are embracing flat pack furniture for their home. Flat pack furniture has certainly increased in popularity, especially in the past decade (thanks to Ikea). This gain in popularity can be attributed to the significant advantages this type of furniture provides. However, there are also a few disadvantages you must take into consideration before purchasing a flat-pack. Pros of Flat Pack Furniture 1. Low Cost The first obvious pro is the low cost of flat pack furniture and this is the main reason consumers turn to put together furniture. It is known to be considerably cheaper than ready-made furniture. Consumers no longer need big statement furniture pieces to act as an added investment in their home. Furniture is now similar to the fashion industry, every season there is a new trend; and with the low cost of flat pack furniture you will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest furniture trends. 2. Versatile Flat pack furniture is very... See more