Why use this service
So why use AssembleBay?

There are many reasons - but essentially these can be broken down into two parts.

For people who want things built
  • Because you have better things to do with your time
  • Because the frustration caused between you and significant others (while you assemble your item) is more expensive to repair with a psychologist than to hire someone else to do it for you. 
  • Because explaining the same thing to 10 x handymen via email and phone calls is too hard
  • Because there are people out there who actually love doing these jobs - and you, as a loving member of the human race love helping these people out too.

For people who want to build things
  • Because you're sick of looking for work across multiple sites and contacts
  • Because you like a place where everything is clearly defined as a record of what you were going to build
  • Because you love removing that look of frustration and confusion from your customers faces
  • Because you'd rather have a basic interface to manage all of your tasks and contacts
So really give it a go! What have you go to lose? Then if you find something that is frustrating you or something that you would like to see added - email us! We actually listen - if we get enough feedback from people we will change things and add things to the site.

We are looking at creating the best possible environment within the Assembly landscape - and that can't happen without you!