Builders Guide
Are you looking at being a builder? Here are some tips to help you get your assembly work done!

  1. Make sure you feel comfortable.
    If you don't feel comfortable with the other party that you have selected don't go ahead. Use your own best judgement here - nobody is forcing you to do anything.

  2. Don't lift more than you should.
    If the instructions state that you should have two people to lift the item - use two people. Look after your back. Do some research online as to how you should lift things.

  3. Get the right tools
    Are you assembling a whole bedroom suite? You may want to consider an automatic screwdriver. Using a manual screwdriver works - but you will probably cut your work down by 50% if you use the right tools! Also make sure that you read all instructions so that you know HOW to use your tools.

  4. Make appointments you can meet
    Nothing is more frustrating that people that break appointments! Make sure that if you make a commitment you show up on time. Sure - things happen from time to time that are beyond our control - but it's within our control to let the other party know what's happening!

  5. Get some feedback!
    People like hearing about you from others experience! Try and get some feedback as quickly as possible as that will help people choose you over someone else!