About Us
AssembleBay is focused on taking the stress out of building and assembling things, while providing people who love putting things together an opportunity to do it more often!

We are what is often referred to as a "marketplace" for assembly services. On one end you will have people who want things assembled who Post Jobs and on the other end you will have people who like to put things together who Build Jobs. The builders will provide quotes, discuss the project and allow the job posters to get their items put together by people who enjoy it.

Our initial focus will be on the scourge of many a persons existence - that is to build flat pack furniture. For far too long Ikea, Fantastic, Super A-Mart and many others have given us affordable furniture that we all inevitably have to bring home and put together ourselves. While some may enjoy it, we feel that most people swear never to buy this type of furniture again!! This is where the idea for AssembleBay was born - one out of frustration with the constant process of needing to build this seemingly simple and yet extremely frustrating jigsaw.

Our vision is to create a community that brings together the best assemblers with people - who like us are frustrated with the task of assembly.

From the initial furniture assembly focus - AssembleBay can also be used to put together other things.. All type of things such as
  • Assembling that new barbeque (BBQ)
  • Assembling that outdoor furniture
  • Assembling that new computer package you just ordered
  • Putting together your new baby equipment
  • Putting together that model plane you bought years ago
  • and even helping with the assembly of that new lego set
We want to see the community grow and take direction depending on where it wants to grow. We will simply sit in the middle as a convenient location for people to gather and find these types of services conveniently.

What areas do we cover?
Because we are online - we are going all across Australia. You won't just find us in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Broome, Hobart and Canberra. But also in smaller towns like Bunbury, WA, Woolongong, NSW, and all sorts of other places. Where there are people that need things assembled, there will be people that love building things. One persons hate is another's pleasure.

Give it a go! The site is 100% free! So just create an account and take a look around, this concept won't work without your help and support.

How else can you help us?
Hey thanks for even considering it! If you want to help us out - Tweet about us, write a short post on your Facebook - generally help us get the word out there and create a bit of a buzz. The more people that use AssembleBay, the more it will become a useful destination for us all.

Make sure you give us feedback!! If you see something or think of something that you'd like to change let us know! No, we can't guarantee that we'll do it but we really appreciate all feedback given and will seriously consider it as part of the ongoing development.